testimonialsSpa Standard Model:

Choose our Standard Spa Model for the power and unmatched design and style. Aqua massages are quick and require little time, so even the busiest of people can fit a massage into their schedule.


The benefits of aqua massage include increased blood circulation and oxygen absorption, an increase in range of motion along with a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, along with an increase in endorphins.

The Spa Model is perfect for: Tanning Salons, Fitness Clubs, Spa's, Wellness Center etc.


Standard Features Include:

Spa Body Profiler Model:

The Spa Body Profile Model include everything that the Standard Model includes with the addition of:


Aqua Massage Spa Profiler Specifications


Adjustable Parameters



Water Pressure (PSI)
Profiler Model and 110 V Option 
220 HP Option

12 (0.8 bar) 
17 (1.2 bar)

50 (3.4 bar)
65 (4.4 bar)

Water Jets Total Force (LBS)
Profiler Model and 110 V Option
220 HP Option

3 (1.4 Kg)
4 (1.8 Kg)

14 (6.4 Kg)
16 (7.3 Kg)

Water Pulsation Frequency (Cycles/second)

2 Cycles/Sec

10 Cycles/sec

Nozzle Assembly Travel Speed

7 Feet/Minute 
(2.1 Meters/Minute)

21 Feet/Minute 
(6.4 Meters/Minute)

Std. Water Temperature Range at 70ÂF (21ÂC) Ambient



Timer Standard

3 minutes

60 minutes

Water Jets Travel Range

Single Locations 
(Using Travel
"HOLD" Function)

66 Inches 
(145 cm)

Operating Power: Single Phase
220 Standard 

220 HP Option

110 Volt Option 

200 Volts 50/60 Hz

200 Volts 50/60 Hz

110 Volts 60Hz

240 Volts
16 Amps
250 Volts
20 Amps
130 Volts
16 Amps 


Physical Specification




98 Inches

249 cm


34 Inches

86 cm


42 Inches

107 cm

Weight - est. dry

500 Lbs.

227 kg

Weight - est. with water

650 Lbs.

295 kg

Weight - est. shipping w/box

800 Lbs.

364 kg

Shipping - Length w/box

110 Inches

270 cm

Shipping - Width w/box

44 Inches

109 cm

Shipping - Height w/box

61 Inches

155 cm


18 Gallons

68 Liters


Please Note:
It's unfortunate that a few manufacturers grossly overstate their performance parameters in an attempt to compete with proven superior performance of the Aqua Massage Systems.   TRY and COMPARE before you buy!



Optional Colors:
Additional lead time required.


Optional Electronic Session Counter
An electronic sensor activates if the machine is occupied. Each occupied session will be registered on a digital display. All time settings are recorded independently.


Optional Token or Coin Activated Timer Control with Stand and 100 Tokens
Uses one token per time increment programmed on the Touch Screen Control. Each additional token will increase the time to the next time selection. Easily programmable for difference size tokens or coins.