moneyAs health care costs continue to rise, millions of people are actively seeking products and services to enhance their overall wellbeing. In this exploding market, consumer demand for wellness products and services is expected to top $1 trillion. Increasingly, these consumers are turning to alternative therapies, particularly massage, to release tension, soothe aching muscles, and relieve pain. The opportunity to help people and build a successful business has never been better!spacer

moneyStudies have shown that people who receive regular massages enjoy stronger immune systems, fewer stress injuries, and better mental health . Consumers have responded to this information by pouring more than $3.5 billion into massage services and products. Among medical practitioners, massage ranks highly as an effective integrative and complementary modality , and more doctors are recommending massage as an adjunct to conservative care. Aqua Massage International offers the premiere standard in the finest, most innovative and effective dry water massage system available.  

How We Help You Succeed

shopAqua Massage International is dedicated to your success. We believe the "wellness" of your business ensures the "wellness" of our business! So we offer a superior product line backed by unmatched on-site and local factory service support, seven days a week. Aqua Massage dry water massage systems undergo a rigorous testing and inspection process, so you can use them day in and day out with confidence. Aqua Massage International has produced reliable, no-nonsense, clinically proven results with minimal downtime, under the most demanding operating conditions. spacerspaOpportunities

It's massage for anyone, anytime! Aqua Massage dry water massage systems are being used by physical therapists , in medical practitioners , spas , fitness centers , malls and retail locations , and even in airports! The units are completely self contained, easy to set up and require no plumbing. No post cleanup is required, so high volume turnover is easy to handle, and several units can be staffed by one operator, or self-operated by the customer using our "EZ-OA" Touchscreen option. Our dry water massagers are attractive, comfortable, easy to operate, and incredibly durable. No wonder Aqua Massage International is the supplier of choice for wellness professionals in over 90 countries worldwide providing more than 20,000 aqua massages to clients everyday.


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